The charm of this book lies in the narrative. Maggi Ansell's account of their adventure brims over with enthusiasm, which is infectious even for people who have read many "sell up and sail" books... Their joys and tribulations are told with warmth and the wonder that comes from experiencing the marvellous for the first time.... a compulsive page turner and an all round good read.  Cruising Association, UK

WTWB is about Maggi and Robin Ansell’s incredible voyage in a boat with a chequered past. It will take you by sail from the Caribbean, and Panama, through Polynesia and the South Pacific to Australia. From passion on a Tongan beach to terror in the Coral Sea.

This superbly-told story will welcome you aboard and make you part of an adventure that most of us could only ever dream of. Set some time aside: once you cast off you won’t want to come ashore until the journey is over!— Bob Collins, BC Canada. Author of Out Standing in Their Field; Dance with the One That Brung Ya, and Summer of Wonder. Shortlisted for the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour. 

"A stunning tale bringing to attention both the thrill and risks of sailing. When the Wind Blows is an adventure that grips you from beginning to end. " Royal National Lifeboat Institute, "The Lifeboat"  magazine, UK

You have recalled an extraordinary amount of detail and immortalised a great adventure. Congratulations on such a fine piece of work — Tony Walsh, Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Surveyor, and Sailor, Cayman Islands

I was so involved with the book. It provokes such a range of emotions – almost in tears one moment to fits of laughter soon after, what a magical journey! — Maurice Humberstone, Sailing Instructor, Southampton, UK

I cannot believe how brave you were during the cyclone—all that comes to mind is pure terror. You certainly have lived an adventurous life and your book is a true inspiration to all those who think they cannot accomplish something when facing difficult odds, incredible! — Debbie Richardson, NS Canada

It is a wonderful read and beats any fiction thriller! I impatiently await her next…Capt. Michael McFarlin M.N.I., Marine Pilot, Middle East

It is unfailingly interesting, with just the right mix of nautical detail and storytelling. I was certainly reminded of my own experience of a (lesser) blow in Biscay… It achieved that “couldn’t put it down” quality and got the juices flowing. Well done!Dave Jarrett, Sailor, Canada

I’m not sure how to start – I laughed out loud, I felt indignant, I envied you, I was terrified for you and the tears flowed freely when you were rescued… Wow! Congratulations on a wonderful read! – Jeanette Rooseboom, Structural Steel Designer, Port Alberni, Canada

I finished the book, cover to cover, a great yarn!! Except it’s all true. — Jerome Wallace, Professional Engineer, Grand Cayman

I had to fight to get your book away from my son… It was wonderful, it felt like being there with you. — Lisa Aylard, Farmer, Canada

That’s quite a story. Well done! I couldn’t put it down. — Florentia Scott, Tai Chi Instructor, Vancouver Island

Here is a spellbinding story of a cruise on a vessel with a chequered past that will keep you interested from the start to the finish. Take a trip with the author from the Caribbean, through the Panama Canal and into the world of Polynesia. This South Pacific Paradise turns to terror in the Coral Sea, and will keep you riveted as you keep turning pages to see how the voyage will end. A good book to read while on watch, but not late at night!  Latitudes and Attitudes, USA

I am enjoying reading your book so much. Your descriptions of events and emotions to go along with it all are so real, I feel like I was there. At one point, I half expected to not be able to walk properly, that I would get up and lapse into the sailor's swagger. — Marjorie Jarrett, Retired Government Official, Canada

I enjoyed When the Wind Blows very much. I read it straight through, starting as soon as it was delivered… VERY WELL DONE!— Janice Sheehan, Artist, Port Alberni, BC

Couldn’t put it down, in fact, and found it fascinating…the writing style was very well paced ... – thoroughly enjoyed it.” – Sheila Church, UK

It was just wonderful! What a fabulous author you are… I outright cried when you were both winched from Orca…It is so sad that she was never seen again… I really feel like I did it all with you. – Clare Wright, London, UK

I just started reading your book and I love the way you write. Don’t want to put it down! — Sue Hetherington, Artist, Vancouver, Canada

Beside your wonderful story it was a pleasure to read without being distracted by incorrect grammar and spelling errors!—Loyola Edwards, Nun and Retired Teacher, Tacoma, Washington, USA

I can see a movie in this! — Derek Hanebury, BC, Canada. English/Creative Writing Professor; author of Ginger Goodwin: Beyond the forbidden plateau; and Nocturnal Tonglen: Poems

A wonderful tale of two people determined to live out the dream of sailing the oceans in a yacht restored with a labour of love from a derelict hull. The author has done a splendid job of blending the romance of sailing with some harsh realities! — A W, Cayman Islands

The perfect adventure story…as I read this book I felt I was with Maggi & Robin Ansell on Orca and I think this is the greatest attribute of the book. Spellbinding and a fabulous read —M de Vos, BC, Canada

A message from Iceland: I finished the book; it kept me awake all last night. First you are superb writer and I also like the way you could read your husband thoughts as not many women have that skill. That again kind of tickles me as from experience, as mechanically minded, we are often submerged in different kinds of thoughts than what we call normal people. I mean also Robin's skill of keeping all in order in case of emergency when some people can be carefree and not even think that neglect will pile up and pay back at different situations.
"I can see now that this has been a tremendous experience there the last day, not forgetting that the trip in all must have been a wonderful experience.
"I am glad you wrote that book as it can help others in often hopeless situation and that there is always hope and therefore to try not to panic. It also emphasizes that sailing is continuously team work and engineering skills are a must and good common sense brains.
"I want to recommend the book for translation here in Iceland and advertise it at the local boat club. I have contacts in Norway in the boating industry that I will recommend the book to. — 
James Valdimar, Iceland.

I read it spellbound in two sittings, I couldn't put it down! It was like reading something written by Robert Louis Stevenson. Adventure on the high seas... time suspended on remote tropical islands... and a cyclone to make it all so very real. Have they had a rich and exciting life or WHAT! — Victor Shane, Author of  Book of Life and Drag Device Data Base USA

My love affair with the sea began in England at the tender age of five, shipping out with the trawlermen from Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast. I also learned, from these professionals and sometimes the families they left behind, what a cruel mistress the sea could be. Ignorance is bliss and, in skippering my own yacht, I’ve often been referred to as Capt. Bligh.
I was delighted that, with Orca, two very good friends realized their dream, but I was also disappointed. I lost two very able crew members. In more than fifty years of sailing, not many people have made that grade in my book.
"For those who only sit by the fireside and dream, ‘When the Wind Blows’ is a fascinating nautical travelogue, well worth the read. For the day sailor, it is required reading before pointing your bow at the horizon. ‘Blue Water’ veterans will be in awe at what Robin and Maggi experienced and survived.
It is my secret hope that some little thing that helped, rubbed off from Capt. Bligh. — 
Jeff Parker, Grand Cayman, BWI

It’s funny, tragic and romantic, it has it all –I can’t speak highly enough of it. — Jan Glende, BC, Canada

Poignant and spellbinding. Better than The Da Vinci Code! — Peter Pejunis, PEI, Canada

I had to stay up until 3:00 am to finish it, I couldn’t put it down! — Juliette Huot, AZ, USA

When the Wind Blows is a definite prerequisite for all who have the desire to venture offshore. It is more than “just a story,” it is a factual, intriguing, brutally honest, sometimes funny, gripping account... A highly recommended book that piques the reader’s interest from beginning to end… couldn’t put it down! — Vi & Del McConnell, Realtors, Canada

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