Heart-warming and heartbreaking all at the same time. Funny, poignant, and utterly delightful...above all a collection of endearing and hugely easy to read stories that left me wanting more and more — Laurie Larkin

Oak Tree Farm is a page turner. I loved reading about your adventures. The animals, the live births, the love and dedication you devoted to those in your care—incredible! It has been not only a reading pleasure, but also inspirational — Debbie Richardson

So easy to read and every chapter left me wanting more. I felt your joy and your sadness…I felt I was there and a part of it. I loved it all, though transporting Portia was one of my very favourite stories! — J Huot Hungerford

I VERY much enjoyed your book!!!! I looked forward every night to reading a chapter. It had a calming effect after a crazy day. Now I want more, get busy! — Miss-Ellie Wathen

An engrossing account of the joys and disappointments, the fears and rewards experienced by the author and her husband in setting up a mixed farm in Canada — Brian Pickard

I was right there with you through the births of the lambs, and Whitey's first litter. Looking forward to reading about the remaining journey. This is such a captivating book! — Rose Fennell

What fantastic writing, superbly told! I loved it. It was riveting, like the perfect holiday book to read — BillaVista

A very charming book and a great way to close down the day. It makes me want to take up farming again! — Simonne Kelau

What a beautiful book about the start of a farm on Vancouver Island. I really, really enjoyed it— couldn't put it down, in fact, it was so interesting. The author is a great wordsmith and makes the tales of all the animals and people so loving and personal Sheila Church

I can't stop reading your new book. You have a gift. It also brings back many of my own memories and a few good laughs. I love the subtle things you say—precious! Best bedtime reading in a long time. I highly recommend it to everyone — Violetta Roesner

Finished the book and really enjoyed all the stories. Brought back lots of memories of similar things that happened here — Sylvia Vodden

You are so clever, it just rolls of the page—brilliant Mags, I'm so proud of my sis! Heaps of love, you clever clogs — Di Pickard

I laughed and cried — the love, the agony, the tenderness, the fury, all came shining through so clearly —  J Charles

Just finished the book. It was a great read. Funniest part was Whitey going between Robin's legs! — Deb Brunt

I just started on your new book. I guess you know you are very talented writer not that I am specialist but you have such way to make reading enjoiable — Valdimar Samuelsson, Iceland

Thoroughly enjoying your new book!Vicki Lee

This lovely book really brings home the ethical treatment of animals being raised for the plate, also the hours of hard work and the humor you need to cope when things go sideways.  It really is possible to allow animals the “5 basic freedoms” as outlined by the SPCA, give them names, look after their feet and other medical needs.  Treat them as individuals instead of a product to be bought and sold. 

The general public has no idea how the steak or chop or burger got to their dinner table and would be disgusted by the “commercial/industrial” way their food is produced if they looked into how our food is raised.  This book outlines that working with nature is still very possible and should be encouraged.  Animals have personalities, feelings and opinions and at times a sense of humor.  Wonderful read, long live the small farmer — Helen Purkis

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