Farming was the latest in a long line of our global adventures. For many years I moved with Robin, my engineer husband, working in the UK, Canada, Libya, Cayman Islands, Philippines and Australia. Whilst on our travels, when I was not working I was fortunate that Robin encouraged me to spend my time usefully, learning to fly, scuba dive, sail, and gain a B.Sc. degree from the University of Toronto, studying Psychology and Linguistics. When our sailboat Orca was sunk in Cyclone Justin we were rescued by helicopter from the Coral Sea off the Australian coast and returned to Canada, this time to Vancouver Island, where we started farming — a long-time wish of mine.

"I don't know if I should care for a man who made life easy; I should want someone who made it interesting." — Edith Wharton

During our years of wanderings and farming I was able to freelance as an editor and writer. Now, retired from active work, we live by the LaHave river in Nova Scotia where Robin keeps his latest sailboat, and where I spend time casting concrete leaves and spheres, and making sculptures; growing organic food and lavender, and walking our latest rescue, a boxer cross. Writing must be squeezed in during the rather long snowy winter months.

Bonnie 10 months old

Can we go in the woods now, please?

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