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"When the Wind Blows" is the story of being lured into a near-deadly lifestyle change

Unloading packages of cocaineCyclone Justin

On  Grand Cayman in the Caribbean, it began with a drug boat carrying a $170 million cargo of cocaine, and ended with a spectacular air-sea rescue off the coast of Australia in Cyclone Justin.

A stunning tale bringing to attention both the thrill and risks of sailing. When the Wind Blows is an adventure that grips you from beginning to end.  Royal National Lifeboat Institute, The Lifeboat magazine, UK 

Drama in Real Life

Reader's Digest's "Drama in Real Life"


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"Oak Tree Farm" tells the tale of discovering another rewarding way of life

Bottle BabyDucklings hatching

Orca was lost to the Coral Sea, so we embraced a new set of challenges and  developed Oak Tree Farm where we reaped the multiple rewards that go with traditional small-scale mixed-livestock farming and experienced the heartaches of being priviledged to live with farm  animals.

Heart-warming and heartbreaking all at the same time. Funny, poignant, and utterly delightful… above all a collection of endearing and hugely easy to read stories that left me wanting more and more — Laurie Larkin

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